Terms and Conditions


WPids stands for WordPress Rapid Service. It is a service agency that provides WordPress-based website creation services. The main service offered is a WordPress-based site creation service called the template method. Where the site is built from existing shapes, shapes, colors and images and writings. Then created or changed according to the needs of clients who need site creation services. This method is later referred to as rapid service. A custom service is the creation of a custom WordPress web site, where in this service clients can create a website from scratch and adjust the preferences of the client itself.


WPids is domiciled in the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and conducts business inside and outside the territory so that it is obedient and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.


Clients or customers who use WPids services are those who use any of the services mentioned in the scope clause. The client is entitled to optimal service to the extent that he performs his obligations.

Client’s Rights and Obligations

The client has several rights and obligations that must be fulfilled, namely:

  1. Rights
  • Each client is entitled to optimal service according to the order made
  • To encourage input and advice for the bureau to order according to the needs of the client itself
  1. Obligations
  • Deliver materials according to design and content needs to the WPids team
  • Pay according to the amount and price on each service

WordPress dan Lisensi

In providing services to clients, WPids uses WordPress as the main core of the service. Where WordPress itself is an open source platform shared under the GNU-GPL license.

Lisensi Plugin dan Tema

In enriching web features with WordPress, it is necessary to use plugins and themes. Plugins and themes used in the WPids service are 100% (one hundred percent) using GNU-GPL lisesnsi-based plugins without any form of support from the plugin developers and themes used. As for the use of premium/pro licenses. The license is only needed if the client pays for the license outside of our services.


Domains are included in the service pack that WPids offers, so clients don’t have to buy separately, except for some excluded domains. The domains that include Wpids services are as follows: Com, Org, Net, Co, Biz, Id (Co.id, Net.id, Web.id, Sch.id and others).

Hosting and Server Panel

Website hosting offered is included in the service plan offer, so there is no additional cost outside the service. WPids hosting locations use two server location points, namely in Indonesia (ID) and Singapore (SG).

As for the server panel, WPids uses Cpanel as the server panel base. The panel includes a Shared Hosting (Cpanel) license fee instead of reseller/private/dedicated (WHM).


Maintenance has a time period that is adjusted to the contract. If the contract ends, we are not responsible for anything. While for ongoing contracts, server maintenance is the responsibility of the WPids team, while web and content maintenance is the responsibility of the client.


In the period before the service is used, the client’s status is the client’s alon. At this stage, prospective clients must choose a service that will be used to get returns from WPids. After selecting the service, the client is required to fill in the service form according to the actual data. Content outside the data is actually the client’s responsibility.

Form Elements

In the form provided by the WPids team to facilitate the website creation process, there are several elements that must be filled in by the client, namely:

  • Logo, tagline, company name/trademark
  • Summary and company description
  • Company services/products
  • Contact form, hotline, social media, email, etc.
  • Customized site/wireframe framework (for main service) and inedied wireframe (for custom services)
  • The desired domain and backup domain are intended because the WPids team cannot guarantee the availability of the domain you want

Service Process

The commendment of the service process is after the client pays the bill as stated in the Payment Process article. When providing services, WPids acts as a partner of the client. Wpids are required to run the services selected by the client. In the process, WPids can also provide input on the project provided by the client.

Technical Process Services

WPids will conduct intensive communication to the client during the period of service process by:

  • Whatsapp private chat if the client is an individual or a representative agency, as well as the creation of WhatsApp groups if the client is an organization (company, agency, etc.)
  • Direct contact via phone
  • Email (for automatic notifications and standard notifications)

Location and Place of Work

WPids is based in Palembang, all work both within the city and outside the city is remote, if the client wants to have a meeting, can directly come to the WPids office to the address listed on the Contact page. For clients who are out of town the same applies, but for meetings to the city the client’s travel and accommodation costs will be charged to the client. This also applies to the revision process.

Post Service

  1. Web Handover

The handover is carried out at a predetermined time and duration, along with the completion of the website creation process based on:

  • Agreed Discovery;
  • Completion of the website development process.

Items given during the handover include documents in the form of digital / soft copy that will be sent through Project Dashboard email, including:

  • Website creation report
  • Account login credentials (Server panel, Web admin, Author)
  • TXT file containing directions to view documentation and usage tutorials
  • Legal documents (terms & conditions + privacy policy)
  • Invoice
  1. Revision

Each client is given a revision time in accordance with the time allowance given in the service package, the excess revision quota will be charged an additional fee to the client. While the revision process is as follows:

  • Revisions are made after the client approves the desired revision
  • The revision process is carried out the day after the client approves
  • Each approval is made, it will automatically oversize the revision period
  • Allowed revisions are minor for static and dynamic web service types and major & minor for custom web service types

Minor and Major Revisions

Minor revisions are light, simple and do not significantly change the shape of revisions, including:

  • one-field color change
  • image change
  • change shape/icon/shape specific to element
  • deletion and modification of section or element columns from specific pages
  • incorrect text conversion, either caused by the client or WPids
  • resizing, properties, text typeface, alignment and spacing
  • Menu transpose
  • and so forth

Major revisions are major revisions that impact the change of appearance to the functionality of the website in general, including:

  • Page/page additions
  • Changing the shape of headers and footers both display and/or layout & content
  • Color changes performed on more than one page and one color
  • Website logic function changes
  • Addition of certain features
  • And so on

What Can’t Be Revised

Some things that can not be revised include:

  • Domain name
  • Server location
  • Website type, for example: the online store site you want to switch to or pivot to a donation site.

Payment Method

Payment method can be done by Paypal. There is no other method other than to the account. Payment is made after we issue an invoice and must be paid within three days.

Payment Process

Payment is made after the client selects a service and fills in the form that has been prepared. Payments are paid at least 50% (fifty percent) as a sign of the start of the site creation process. The remaining payment is made in two stages, the first stage is 20% when the client receives the initial work before the revision period, the second is 30% when the website handover, if the payment has not been made then each process cannot continue.


Refunds can only be made if:

  • No work is done by WPids within three working days after the invoice is paid, in this case the refund is 100% of the fee paid
  • There is no response after payment of the remaining payment for three days, in which case the refund is 50% of the total amount paid.

Un served or Restricted Websites

The creation of sites that we do not serve are as follows:

  • Online Gambling Sites
  • Porn Sites
  • Sites that contain racism
  • Sites affiliated with criminality, terrorism to coup
  • Sites that violate certain religious values

Force Majeure

WPids may terminate service cooperation in any form in the event of an extraordinary event such as:

  • Natural disasters that cause disruption of service activities
  • Clients who do not pay up to the invoice due date
  • Violation of prohibited site clauses

Termination of cooperation can be temporary or permanent.

Additional Rules

Rules that have not been regulated, but need to be made to support the effectiveness of services can be set later between the two parties.

Thus these Terms and Conditions are made, with his consent we steaman thank you.

Best Regards, Rizarullah Santoso
updated on: Saturday, 9 May 2020